Dresden James said and I quote; “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”.

Do not just look at these pictures, enter the pictures. You see a black woman in sackcloth holding a Bible, chained at the feet and with9 a noose around her neck. You think, “Oh, a depiction of the past era of slavery”.

Past era of slavery? Define slavery, then define past.

Myafurika aims to take the scales off your eyes, to relieve you of your perception of Africa and Africans. See Africa through our eyes. You may not like some of the revelations you will encounter in the lines of the stories published here, but bear in mind that we all want the same thing; for Africa and her children to rise from the dust, for us to progress in every sense of the word. To achieve that, feelings will be hurt, some will experience cognitive dissonance, but hurt feelings or cognitive dissonance is a small price to pay for your awakening.

Still meditating on the pictures, let’s take into consideration the centuries and people who have had turns in raping Africa. The Romans, who history portrays as more than the barbaric raiders they were, raped Africa. The Arabs followed later, bringing Islam to Africa. The Jewish traders made a killing buying and selling Africans. Then came the Europeans, with their guns and Bibles— Centuries of exploitation. The so-called developed world was built with the sweat and blood of Africa.

All these people succeeded in their inhumane ‘expeditions’ because they all understood a simple strategy of conquest. Enslaving the body without enslaving the mind is like building a mansion on sand, eventually the structure crumbles.

Let us attempt to pretend that the sons and daughters of Africa languishing in the lucrative industry known as US Prisons do not exist and their plight is different from that of their ancestors from a century ago, or even half a century ago. Is there any realistic, right-thinking African that can say the era of slavery and colonization is in the past? Please, let’s understand the difference between modernisation and total eradication. The only reason the Europeans left Africa in droves was because there was no need to stay, even forcefully. The plans for the exploitation of Africa from their home was a success. The Africans, including the ones in faraway plantations, had all been successfully brainwashed over the centuries, they now perpetuate their own ignorance themselves.

These pictures hope to speak to the African in us, not the Muslim, not the Christian, not the Mormons, and the rest. The message contained in and symbolized by these pictures is for Africans everywhere, and above any other thing, Myafurika intends to spread that message.

Dresden James said and I quote; “When a1 well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”.

One of the threads in the old web of lies surrounding Africa and Africans is the so-called abolishment of slavery by Abraham Lincoln. That was a lie the whitemen added to history to save face. History is full of half-truths, and it takes an ever questioning mind to tell the lies apart from the facts. Abraham Lincoln didn’t ban slavery. The man was a slaver who banned slavery only in the States not on the same page with him. He allowed his allies to keep theirs, and the plantations and palatial edifices (Planted and built by African slaves) of those allies never lacked Africans to work them. So when exactly did the exploitation of Africa come to an end? What are we exactly free of? The noose is still around our neck, the chains are still impeding our movement, we’re still holding on to the books used to justify every wrong done and being done to us. Africa should never be grateful for being colonized. It’s like the 9/11 victims being grateful to the perpetrators of that grave crime. Colonialism is worse than terrorism, nothing good comes out of it, unless, of course, for the colonizers. Our perception of history, of the past and the present needs to change.

Look, the lock on her chains has a key. But she can’t reach it, or even see it, because she’s holding on to a book that demands she obeys her master. The master’s God has no issue with slavery, he can’t save her. Why then won’t she dump him and try helping herself? She’s been brainwashed. Her parents even helped by indoctrinating her into the web of lies from childhood. She has no idea that the help she needs, she can give herself. She has no idea she only has to drop the slavery-endorsing book to remove the chains and the noose. Only she can help herself. Prior to my understanding of the science of brainwashing, I was angry with our people for being so ignorant, ignorant even of who they are. I was angry that after all we’ve been through, considering all we’re going through, we still read the colonizer’s ‘holy books’, including passages giving instructions on how to acquire and keep slaves, and yet we’re unable to see just how much we need to give them back their book, a book most of them are discarding en masse. Now in place of anger, I have understanding. I now understand that brainwashing is powerful, unlearning is hard and time-consuming. Africa is like a child gone astray, she is to be patiently guided back on track, and anger can not successfully drive that endeavor.

Contrary to (thought not invalidating them completely) Desmond Tutu’s words them, Africans lost more than land to colonialism. We lost ourselves. Ancient African civilizations, including but not limited to ancient Egypt, were centered around exactly what we lack today; quality education, invention and innovation, pursuit of knowledge, individual/community improvement, and tolerance. The concept that Africa was full of bush people before colonialism is just another thread in the web of lies. We don’t owe them anything.

Before we got trapped in the web of lies, before we were led to believe we had no history and no advanced education prior to colonialism, before we cut our roots and embraced their ‘holy books’ tighter than the owners, before these religions and their many sects pit us against one another, before we became Sunnis, Shi’ites, Catholics, Pentecostals, etc, we were first Africans, we had great civilizations, we had education, we communed with Nature, we were spiritual, we had a better moral compass, we also had our flaws, but most importantly we coexisted in peace and tolerance and mutual respect for our differences. We learned to be intolerant, we learned to hate and self-destruct over these irrational belief systems and foreign customs.

African spirituality is not demonic or pagan. Demonic and pagan are words invented by the slavers. While we burn down our old places of worship, they turn theirs into revenue-generating tourist attractions. Think, people. This our backwardness was learned. India, though not perfect (because there’s no such thing as perfection) and still growing, stands on a pedestal higher than most African countries, in my opinion. India was colonized too. We weren’t the only ones. The time to stop whining and start building is now.

MyAfurika is like the classroom where unlearning and relearning will happen to the dedicated student. MyAfurika is unique in the sense that here you can get enlightened while being entertained.
Myafurika’s goal is to gradually, step by step, article by article, picture by picture, disentangle us all from the web of falsehoods obstructing our growth. Myafurika hopes to be the alter where the bliss found in ignorance is sacrificed. We’ve been blissful and stagnant for too long, we truly can’t afford it a day longer.

In conclusion, we’ll borrow an old Chinese proverb which we may be seeing often in our articles here on Myafurika as it covers what we’re trying to achieve here.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Now is the time for Africans to wake up from our sleepwalking. Now, not tomorrow.