Yesterday night/early morning,I was reminded of how unsafe every individual in Nigeria is,just left the country for a few days and was ranting of how unsafe we are in Nigeria and how Ghana that I thought was way behind us was actually way ahead of us and few people were misunderstanding me and after few days and I’m back,what normally happens,happened.
Alighting at the park,I turned on my uber app to call a cab to take us home from the park. The only uber in the area was 15minutes away and my boss was saying I use taxify that it was late and unsafe. Me being relaxed that I was home already and it’s not as if it’s a lonely area so let’s wait for the uber since uber was cheaper. Boss kept repeating the same thing so I called taxify and the driver was around so it didn’t take more than 5minutes,driver arrived and we set off after the driver complained that he was already closed for work but he will carry us nonetheless. 
After about 10minutes of driving,I was busy on my phone though so I raised my head from my phone and asked the driver why he’s riding slow when the road is very clear and my boss snapped at me while telling the driver not to pay attention to me and continue how he’s riding. We passed 2/3 big vehicles almost immediately and not up to 2mins I heard something like a long scratch under the car,I didn’t budge at first though cause I thought maybe it was just the car being faulty and all that. The driver cleared by the side of the road and him and my boss stepped out of the car to check what was happening. 

It’s A Tragedy That Either You Or Your Loved Ones Might Lose Your Life Over Your Gadgets Or Even Something Lesser Someday.

(Remember this was happening on Oshodi road in Lagos,immediately after Oshodi down by the bridge with the streets lights on and on a busy road). Then a guy came from across the other road asking us to find something for him. With no one paying him attention,he went to the other side of the car and repeated it again,then I came out of the car,going to meet them (my boss and the driver) at the bonnet side of the car to know what was really wrong. Then my boss gave me his phone and I noticed the energy then I told him that I’m going to get something from the car, I entered the car,reached for my pepper spray and Boss came through the other side of the car and I handed the pepper spray to him. Dude just dipped his hand in the front seat from the passenger side and grabbed the Driver’s phone that was charging and took off. After calming the driver down,we tried to drive the already oil leaking car to find a more open/safe place before knowing the next step and luckily after about 3mins drive we met some patrol policemen parked with 3 Black Maria and we parked right there. While complaining to the policemen we met another man with his car and the exact experience of what happened to us. The only difference was this other driver didn’t stop when they threw those big stones under the car. 

Then note that this could be you,your loved ones being thrown big stones to your car,or eggs on your windscreen so you could park and they would rob,injure,kill or do all of the mentioned. Or if the driver sped off when I suggested that he was riding slow and we might have had a terrible accident just for some person/people to take few changes and gadgets. This also proves that some accidents that happens on some of our roads in anywhere these boys are striking would’ve been caused by incidents like this. Deny the possibilities all you want but this could be you,your loved ones or friends one day.
So now this is the ordeal of every unfortunate Lagosian on that road,by that time with a car,yes it’s so sad,it’s so much sad that some of our people have been subjugated to believe that they have to do everything even if it’s at the loss of others to survive and something we blame the government,but I don’t blame the government. The government that we might continue blaming might never be on these roads by those times Ever!. They might just be some bunch of pot bellied men in their comfort zones and never minding whatever happening to anyone by that time. I blame the ideology,the ideology that we can be fine individually,the ideology that once you can protect yourself that it’s fine. That’s when human values gets lost. We need to understand that it’s high time we eradicate that ideology that once we can achieve that individual security and progress that we are fine. Then it’s up to the government, Hell No people! These pot bellied olds men won’t do anything for us! Even if it doesn’t happen to you inside your home,it will be outside your home or it might be your friends or loved ones. Then why are we a community? Why can’t we protect ourselves? Why can’t we raise a faction that will only protect the interests and the ideology of making the citizens safe even if we have to tell the government fuck you to achieve that? I know I’m supposed to be talking about my Ghana experience but I will be talking about a country I could walk around anytime I want. None of us is safe in this country mehn and Nigeria is way too big and smart for this kind of shit to be happening. We could do better people,

Yes we can!