It is unacceptable that you’re planning to visit Enugu, but you don’t have plans to visit the Micheal Okpara Square. That’s not right, you know.
I’m kidding.
First, I would have loved to refresh your memory on who Micheal Okpara was or educate you about him, if you don’t already know him, but I’m not here for all that.
I’m here to tell you three reasons why it’d be good for you to visit.

The number one reason, for me, is the serenity! My God! It is so peaceful, you can hear a pin drop. There are trees all startlingly green, providing gentle breeze and shade. There are seats, as well. You know, all those comfy seats you sit on in stadiums? Yeah, those ones. They’re there because events are held there sometimes. But we’ll get to that. So you can just sit there alone in solitude, watching the sway of trees and pretty grasses. Or you can just go with someone. You know, like, on a date.

And that’s number two reason. It is perfect for dates. You can just spread some cloth on the grass under any tree, and have a nice date. No disturbance, no prying eye, no distraction. Nothing unpleasant at all, I promise!
It is so great for events that you are expecting a massive turnout for. There are plenty of seats for everyone. Now, I’m not sure how many people it can contain but it has to be well over two thousand(I’m not so sure, though). You’d have to go over there yourself and check. And you can contact us if you want to know about how to get to use the place as a venue for your event. That’s reason number three.

I have a confession to make, though. If you don’t like walking and climbing things, then don’t bother. I mean, why do you think I didn’t get a close-up picture of the statue? It’s because there are killer steps, and I hate climbing. I couldn’t go into the square to take pictures, though because an event was holding there, and it just didn’t sit right with me to start going around, taking pictures.
That’s it guys. You just have to visit sometime. You’d love it, I promise.