By then, it was the season of cults on the Nsukka campus, when signs all over the university read in bold letters ‘SAY NO TO CULTS’. The Black Axe, the Buccaneers, and the Pirates were the best known. They had once been benign fraternities, but they had evolved, and eighteen-year-olds who had mastered the swagger of American rap videos were undergoing secret initiations that sometimes left one or two of them dead on Odim Hill.”


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie [CNA].

So I went to See for Myself

I visited Nsukka a few days ago and I visited Odim Hill. Its beauty left me speechless and so you must excuse my inability to fully express my experience.

I had woken up excited about my visit to the place I have read so much about [Purple Hibiscus, Cell One, This Is How You Break]. Sometime in the afternoon, I packed my backpack with water and something I’d snack on later. Together with a friend (who would have served as a guide only it turns out that he hardly knows anything about the place), we moved to Odim Hill.

It was simply breathtaking. At first, it was the long climb up the hill but later it was the view from hill top. I sat on the lush grass and snacked while savouring every view, and the cool breeze was awesome.

breathtaking view from odim hill

I asked my friend to tell me what he knew about the hill, never mind that I have previously asked a hundred times before and that he hardly knows anything about the hill, and he simply said “It is also called the ‘Vet Mountain’. A hill with soft tufts of grass for prayers, thieves, lovers making love. Oh and the people who live here, beautiful people.

Well, people live on the hill; it is evident in the patches of building here and there. It is also called that [Vet Mountain] because it is located near the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

I felt beautiful things on that hill. It was beautiful watching Nsukka lay out in front of and beside me. I loved lying on the grass, walking barefooted on it and moving through its bends. Though my back still hurts from all that climbing, I’d most definitely go back there again.